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  1. I am flying back to Argentina on October 6th 2018 (my ticket is booked) and I'm really hoping I can team up with some climbers/adventurous trekkers, I will be there throughout October, November, and December. I will detail my experience before explaining what I hope to do. I first went to El Chalten in 2010 to photograph the mountains. Since that first trip, I have now spent over two years in El Chalten. I've gradually progressed from exploring the hills to eventually moving higher into the mountains. While I can't strictly consider myself a climber I have joined up with local climbers and summited some easy peaks such as Guillaumet in winter (Amy route), Paso Superior and the rather basic climb up Cerro Solo. I will reach my 47th birthday in November and as I'm not getting any younger I very much hope to team up with some climbers for this upcoming climbing season. My hope is that I might meet up with some climbers who are heading over Paso Cuadrado. I've never actually been over the pass, so I'd like to team up for the sake of safety. If possible I'd love to climb Filo del Hombre Sentado, and descend the Boqueta del Piergiorgio to the Torre Valley. I have other plans, it's my greatest hope that I can climb Domo Blanco, Mojon Rojo, and Loma Blanca. If time permits I may also trek over Paso Marconi to Circo de los Altares. I'll be doing a week-long alpine safety course in Chamonix in September to help prepare myself for the risks of crevasse travel - I mention this to prove that I'm not reckless. If anyone can help put me in touch with fellow climbers I would really appreciate it.