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  1. mt adams accident

    So did he get caught in a avalanche, or took a slide down the SW chute? I thought I read early on it was a avalanche. Been up Adams several times. Always fun trips. Many sad stories from this mountain
  2. Johnson Peak / Peak 5868?

    Thanks for the tip. I did post on there first. Not find much information at this point
  3. Johnson Peak / Peak 5868?

    My first post. So I'm looking for information on a peak in the Tatoosh range. Its on the south side just out of the MRNP southern boundary. Not sure if this ever gets climbed. 30 years ago me and a few climbers went up this in the winter. We accessed it by way of NF road 5260 off Skate creek rd. just out of Packwood, but It appears our access point has changed from over grown/closed roads. I'm having a hard time finding much info on this peak. Did a bunch of climbing back then. I must say this was a prime peak as far as 360 views go, and view looking north at the Tatoosh range. Any help would be great.