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  1. Summer is finally here! With that being said I've been itching to go up Diamond Peak. I tried to go over memorial day via pioneer gulch, but the road to the trailhead was still pretty deep with snow and didn't want to risk getting stuck by myself so I turned around and went up Mount Bailey instead (A hike I would highly recommend). Been a lot of hot days since then and I am wondering if anyone has gone up recently. Is there still a lot of snow on the road or on the mountain? Should I bring an ice axe, crampons, or helmet? Thanks!
  2. Hello all, Im itching to get out there this memorial day and I have always wanted to go up Diamond Peak. My plan was to camp at Marie Lake for the night and then summit in the morning. However, I am wondering what kind of technical gear I should bring, if any. This time of year is there still enough snow to justify the use of an ice axe/ crampons, or maybe even snowshoes? Im getting conflicting reports online. Thanks!