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  1. Hey diepj, thanks for the compliments. I read that while perusing online information about the route - can't recall where - maybe summitpost? I'm honestly not familiar with the peak and assumed it to be true. I agree that the approach was very straightforward and relatively easy! I'd like to come back some day for The North Face. We definitely did not follow the line of least resistance, my partner said that we climbed 8A to 8B in the guidebook, whatever that means!
  2. Trip: Mt Hood - Reid Glacier Headwall Trip Date: 05/05/2018 Trip Report: This was a fun alpine solo alongside my buddy Kyle. Conditions were really good. Here's a link to my full report: Spokalpine.com Gear Notes: 2 tools, crampons Approach Notes: 2 hours to illumination saddle.
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