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  1. [TR] Dragontail - TC 05/01/2018

    Yea P2 the wet slab without ice I couldn’t get across. Very impressed that you guys did!! can you send post photos of your trip. Specifically after P2 that would be appreciated buddy!
  2. [TR] Dragontail - TC 05/01/2018

    Awesome dude! We bailed after P1 on the runnels and left a picket. Were you the two my partner and I saw camped at the lake on night of 5/3 after we came down?
  3. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 04/30/2017

    Love this TR! Your vibe was like you just pulled over at a 7-11 to pick up milk!
  4. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 03/31/2018

    Great TR and send in those conditions!