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  1. I have tried to put up an ad three times for my Omnipotent tent. Each time the text is wiped clean. So...if you are interested in my Omnipotent, please PM me on this forum and I can send you the details. Thanks Oxygen Uptaker
  2. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    To num1mc: A lengthy description of the tent was offered in my post. It is no longer there. A link to several photos was in this description. For the record, this tent was last used about five years ago and it worked fine. That is why it is called the Omnipotent. Tell me, num1mc...why the very UNfriendly, sarcastic response to my first post? To all others on this forum, I look forward to working with you, learning from you and if it happens,actually shaking your hand when I return for a visit to the NW. Oxygen Uptaker
  3. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    Omnipotent® Tent - Early Winters Price: $249/OBO plus $20 shipping via USPS priority mail w/insurance if shipped. Tent is currently in Iowa as seller has moved from the NW to the Midwest USA. Payment is by Cash only or a Cashier's check please if tent is mailed to you. USA sales/shipment only. In its day, the Omnipotent retailed for $495 years ago. Own a piece of Mountaineering History! It was the finest mountaineering tent of its day! It is truly still a marvel of engineering, design and durability. Truly too a GREAT name for a tent! It is definitely a FOUR season tent. Seller has snow camped with this tent . It is rated as a two-person tent but could sleep three in a pinch. The Omnipotent a free-standing tent with anchor points fore and aft. It is designed to shed both snow loads and high winds. It has always been stored unpacked, dry and loose in a dry environment. When you do pack it in its stuff sack, pack it as you would a sleeping bag. Do not fold the tent. If you fold the tent the same way, over time, the folds could become weak points for the tent. Its condition is very good. Weight is ~ 7 lbs (tent and poles together). Dimensions: nside length 90 inches inside width 53″ front 40″ rear inside height 36 inches front 27 inches rear outside width 64 " front 49″ rear outside height 43″ front 33″ rear. It has both a front entrance AND rear entrance. What does this mean? You can have a nice breeze moving thru your tent on a sunny, summers day. In winter, this means you will less condensation. The tent is a DOUBLE WALLED tent which also means more ventilation and less condensation. Both doors are GoreTex. Both front and rear entries also have mosquito netting "doors".. The four poles are elastic, shock corded so that "snap to" as soon as you release them. They are of four different lengths. Arrange them in length from shortest (at rear door) to longest (at front door) when you put up the tent. It is suggested that you do a "dry run" or two of setup prior to taking the tent on a trip. Inside the tent are two "built-in" accessory pockets and a loop inside the top of the tent near the front door where you could hang a lamp. Included with the Omnipotent are: Original blue stuff sack for the tent Original yellow stuff sack for poles. Original ground cloth. This allows a layer of separation between the floor your Omnipotent and the ground. It GREATLY increases the life of your tent floor. The four poles. A pole repair kit (never used). A tent repair kit. (never used). A setup guide. A space blanket adapted by the seller for use with the tent. See URL below for photos: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/6271248158.html Thanks for looking Seller