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  1. Hi Everyone, I'll be in Bend, Oregon on Saturday and would love to find someone to climb with! I'm new to the PNW, and in the past, I've climbed in the Gunks, Seneca Rocks, Nelson Rocks, and Joshua Tree. Also done ice climbing in the Catskills and the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. I have trad-followed some 5.7-5.9 routes, and would consider that a solid indicator of my skill level. I do not lead. I am comfortable with belay technique and safety and have my own sport climbing set and rope, but not a trad rack. Not looking to do anything crazy. For rock climbing, I'd like to explore a route or two on Smith Rock. Alternatively, I would love to hike/climb Broken Top. I have tons of experience climbing class 4 rock unroped (such as Capitol Peak in Colorado), but prefer not to do that alone for safety reasons. If interested, please PM me or respond here. Thanks!