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  1. I’m looking for a Cascades glacier/snow & ice climbing for August 4th-6th. Some possible objectives are: - Eldorado Peak- Eldorado glacier/ East ridge - Silver Star mountain/ Silver star glacier - Mt. Shuksan/ Sulphide glacier - Mt. Daniel, Daniel glacier - Mt. Rainier/ various routes I recently trained for four days on glacier routefinding on Baker with an IFMGA instructor and have lots of experience on snow/skimo /rock and some ice and am competent at crevasse rescue and various rope and protection systems. In addition to our little-done route on Baker via the moustache, I have recently climbed the Glacier route on the Middle Teton and have glacier experience in the Chinese Himalaya, and have skied Helens and soloed the South Spur on Adams earlier this season. I am comfortable leading Grade 2 and following harder, and have a lot of non-Cascades climbing, mountaineering, and alpine experience. Would like a partner who knows crevasse rescue and is safety conscious, and am open to other route suggestions. Have a bunch of gear as well  Drop me a line here or at jackmarr@gmail.com to connect.
  2. [TR] Mt. St. Helens - Worm Flows 3/18/2017

    Thanks for the TR! Planning on heading up Worm Flows this Saturday. Anyone been up since then?