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  1. I'm looking for someone to climb with during this weekend, 24-25th. I'm also available most of the weekends for the rest of the winter. Ideally I would go to Banff and do some not too hard ice climbing (WI3-WI4) but Lilooet or Washington will be good too. I have rock and mixed climbing experience from Alps, Caucasus Mountains and three seasons in Rockies and recently I'm trying to get into ice climbing. I have trad rack, 60m double ropes and 4wd car. Email me at: dorian dot gutowski@gmail.com
  2. I'm looking for someone to do some mixed or mellow ice climbing during upcoming long weekend (Tantalus range, Joffre lakes area, Marble Canyon or anything inbetween) . I have experience climbing in Rockies, Alps and Caucasus mountains both in summer and winter but I'm pretty new to ice climbing. I have two 60m double ropes, most of the gear (not so many ice screws) and 4wd car. Email me if interested (dorian dot gutowski at gmail com) Cheers:)
  3. Logan or Denali

    I'm a climber from Poland with mountaineering experience in Caucasus mountains, Alps, Canadian Rockies and Scandinavia. I'm looking for some people to climb mt Logan or Denali (anything but normal route) in late may/early june. It's pretty much last minute for Denali because of 60 days wait time for permits, so we must form a team fast. Logan doesn't have such requirements and maybe it's even more interesting. No crowds, poles marking the path or airports in base camp.
  4. Mt Robson

    I'm a climber form Poland with experience in Alps and Caucasus Mountains. I would love to climb some of the classics in Banff and Jasper like Mt Temple east ridge but most of all Mt Robson. Wishbone Arete sounds interesting, but if you know some nicer route I'm all ears:) I'm free basically anytime till the end of the summer.