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  1. I recently moved up to Seattle last April from Portland, and do not know too many people up here yet. I am looking for avid weekend warriors to peak bag, rock climb, or do anything outdoors really. I can backpack, trail run, hike, and getting a raft soon! Mountaineering Experience - I've done all the volcanoes in WA, and nearly all the major peaks in OR. I've also done a handful of peaks in the Peruvian Andes, Swiss Alps, and the Canadian line. I've climbed up to multiple pitches of 65 degrees in the alpine, and have some exposure to waterfall ice. I am proficient in crevasse rescue, and looking to take a few AIARE and WFR courses this year. I can do pretty long days and have done Baker, Rainier, and Glacier Peak car to car, and Olympus in two days. Suffering is not a problem for me. Rock Climbing Experience - I've been focusing on rock climbing a lot more this past year, and have gotten a lot of exposure to it in the last few months. I'm projecting about a 5.11c at Vertical World top rope. I'm still trying to get more experience in lead climbing. I've led up to a 5.10b outdoors, but my comfortable range is around a 5.8-10a right now. I can top rope up to a 5.10d/5.11a outdoors. I just finished up my first trad rack, and would like to get into that also. What I'm Looking For - Someone who at least has the basic fundamentals of mountaineering down (e.g. walking in crampons, rope management, etc), and wants to tackle some more involved routes. Ideally, I would like to be climbing at least North Ridge of Baker, Liberty Ridge on Rainier, Forbidden, and several other similar peaks with someone who is equally as capable, or at least has the passion to put in the training and learn. I am shooting to do the West Rib on Denali in 2020, so anyone who is looking to prep for that would be awesome, but not a requirement. I'm also looking into other climbing trips for the year outside of the PNW such as the Bugaboos, maybe the Tietons, etc. Let me know if any of this sounds like a good fit! Also, I'm a 28 year-old female, if that matters. You can email me at anguyen1128@gmail.com
  2. I am looking to climb Baker late July or early August. I am open to doing it in one or two days, but preferably one as that looks pretty doable if you're fit enough. Also, I mostly have the weekdays open now as my weekends are booked with other climbs. Let me know if interested!
  3. Looking for a climbing, backpacking, hiking, and down to Earth partner to travel with across the states in August. I'm starting out in Washington, climbing a few peaks before heading to the Tetons and Yellowstone. Then heading to Colorado for some 14ers before heading up north to Glacier and the Canadian Rockies. Let me know if interested!!
  4. Rainier July 15/16

    My climbing partner bailed out to climb Rainier July 15th weekend, so looking for a person or two to join. Current plan is to get camping permits Friday morning for night of July 15th, then possibly head over to climb Unicorn to kill the day. On Saturday, we start at a reasonable time to head up to camp, and then summit next day. I am open to any route, and have done the Emmons Glacier. For a more technical route, I've considered the Kautz Glacier, but will also settle with just the DC or Emmons route again. Message me if interested, and please be trained in crevasse rescue.
  5. Anyone up for a Hood climb up the Devil's Kitchen Headwall, Tuesday morning (5/9)?
  6. Sahale Peak 7/23-7/24

    Anyone wanna hit up Sahale Peak this weekend 7/23-7/24? I considered doing a one-day assault, but I hear camping at Sahale Glacier is pretty epic. Or if anyone has any info on conditions, that would be great! Thanks!