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  1. [Rainier][Update] Offering Ride SeaTac-> Paradise!

    Bump! Update: instead of needing a ride, I decided to rent a car. If anyone at 8AM or earlier and needs a ride (and is willing to chip in for gas or something), send me a private message.
  2. Any beta on the conditions of Kautz or Fuhrer Finger as of this past month? Haven't seen any recent trip reports. Also wondering how conditions are in lower Nisqually and if people usually rope up, or don't bother. Thanks in adv!
  3. [update] Hey all -- I'm flying from California and arriving in Seattle ~8AM Friday to meet the rest of the climbers in my group (who are flying in a day earlier) at camp. Ended up renting a car, so if anyone is headed from Sea-Tac airport to Paradise the morning of Friday 7/1 8AM or earlier and needs a ride, feel free to post here or PM me. Cheers, Em