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  1. Yes, this was the info I was looking for. Thanks y’all, gonna ditch the semi auto idea and even the thought of front pointing in approach shoes.
  2. Howdy everyone, got a question on approach shoes. I hope it’s not redundant or already been covered, i couldn’t find anything on it really. I’m torn on buying aluminum strap on crampons for my approach shoes. Camp xlc 490. I have an assortment of pons for my mountaineering boots when we do heavy alpine work, but I’m wanting something fast and light to use in case something quick comes up on a rock route on summer conditions, ie approach to the grand or on the exum ridge in summer where I would normally have approach and/or climbing shoes only or similar routes/objectives. Yes, I will take my full shank boots and auto pons on the north ridge of baker, haha! My question is, I would love to up the ante a little and get the camp aluminum pons with the steel front points (xlc nanotech) but they only come in semi auto configuration. Does anyone have any tricks or experience with getting those puppies on an approach shoe? I had the idea of buying both and attaching the green back to the nanotechs, but I’d have to drop 350 bucks! Or are there other options for this weight weenie?
  3. WTB- your used mountaineering boots size 42.5, ie nepals, phantoms...etc The more used the better since my budget is tight, thanks! Depending on sizing I could go 42, my double boots are 43 Dylan