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  1. spring cleaning - climbing & mountaineering gear

    update with whats sold?
  2. Metolius Bouldering pad

    Where are you located?
  3. The local climbing gym on Bainbridge Island (30min ferry from Seattle) is hosting an event with local mountaineer Pete Athans. They are screening a new documentary about the huge earthquake last spring, followed by a Q&A with Pete Athans who will have just returned from Nepal. Here's the write up from their facebook page: Island Rock Gym invites you to an evening with North Face athlete and acclaimed mountaineer Pete Athans and filmmaker Liesl Clark as they share their insight on the devastating earthquake which struck Nepal in April 2015. Bainbridge Island residents, Athans and Clark have lived in Nepal and worked extensively on Mt. Everest and in the surrounding communities for over 20 years, assisting with both the welfare of the locals as well as the thousands of climbers and sherpas who attempt to summit. Their perspective provides intimate access to the chaos and calamity of the quake, including impacts to the climbing community and beyond. The evening begins with a screening of “Himalyan Megaquake”, a documentary filmed by Clark for NOVA television which shares first person accounts from individuals on Everest at the time of the quake, models showing what it was like to experience the quake, and voices from the scientific community working to predict the next one. A Q&A session with Athans and Clark will follow, which includes updates from Athans on his recent trip back to the mountain. This is a rare opportunity to experience Everest in a unique way, and learn more about how future seismic events may impact the climbing community. Tickets are available online, limited to 100 tickets sold. The venue is only about a 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal on the island. Cheers!! https://www.facebook.com/events/988865471173971/