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  1. Heading there next week. Good to know about the condition! Thanks!
  2. I was out there, but left before the fall. I know the belayer and a couple of the people in the group, but not the leader. From what I've pieced together, it was an over 50' ground fall. Leader was at the anchors, built the anchor and prepared for lower. The belayer began lowering. A few feet into the lower, the leader jumped or bounced off a ledge. This introduced slack into the system and pulled the rope out of the belayer's hand. She was unable to regain control of the rope. The leader impacted the ground with her butt and lower back. My friend who was still out there is writing an accident report. I'll be sure to link it here when he's finished it.
  3. Tim S.

    headlamp advise

    For my secondary: an older version of the Princeton Tec Byte: http://princetontec.com/byte Pretty light weight. It lives in my car when I don't need to take it out.
  4. Piggy backing on this post. Does anyone have experience with the Portland Mazamas mountaineering courses?
  5. I'll just link to the thread on Mountain Project: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-new-salomon-boots-used-oboz-boots-and-more-price-drop/111600186 Prices are low because I need to clear the closet for spring ski season. If you're in the Portland area then no shipping cost. PM for any questions.
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