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  1. Is North Sister "Terrible Traverse" dry?

    It has definitely melted a bunch since then, but still snow. I chickened out on the traverse while standing in your steps. The snow was so shallow that my axe was worthless for protection. The snow was icy enough with a low snow level that my footing was very sketchy. I was also solo, so I will come back when snow conditions look better to me.
  2. Climbing Friday and took a spill. Quark saved my life, but we got separated on the SE Ridge.
  3. Petzl Quark lost on North Sister

    I just got word that this was located. I hope I can get it back. I would have fallen further and died without it.
  4. Is North Sister "Terrible Traverse" dry?

    Terrible conditions Friday. Snow and rock mixed. Not safe. I turned back halfway across.
  5. How did you pass the bergschrund? Looking at this route for the upcoming weekend.