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  1. Hello everyone, We are heading up to do My Baker and are planning on camping at Craigs Veiw on the Squak Glacier. I am getting mixed info on the location of this camp. Caltopo has a label of "Crag View" along their route but its not where I thought the camp was. When I look at google Sat imagery I see people camped across the glacier between Squak and Talum at around 6700 to 6900. My Garmin base camp maps puts the camp at that location as well but all other sources say its directly north of the TH and trail split. Does anyone have the GOS coords for this camp or can someone take a screen shot of a map and put a red dot? Im so confused lol Please take a look at the two pictures, the right one has screen shots from google.
  2. 1st Mt Hood Climb

    Hey all, I've been trying to do some research on a good time to do Mt Hood but I've come across a problem. The time to climb seems to be April - June. Is this the only time people climb Hood safely? I don't mind starting at ridiculous early times to avoid mash potatoes but it seems like all the beta just says no to any other months. In Colo your routes change come summer to avoid rockfall or avy but you can pretty much climb any mountain anytime with a modified route. I'm a little out of my element here. I live in Colo and have done many 14ers and many of them in winter. I'm fine with axe/cramps and snow travel but I've never done any climbing in the cascades so I figured Id ask around here. Thanks everyone