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  1. trade MHW AMG 105 Hipbelt?

    You'd think brands would be able to account for this kind of issue by now...
  2. trade MHW AMG 105 Hipbelt?

    Shot in the dark gear question: Who has a Mountain Hardwear AMG 105 pack? I have the M/L version which is perfect for my torso but I clearly suffer from skinny hips and would probably be more comfortable with the S/M hip belt. MHW told me I can't buy just the hip belt and would need to buy the whole pack. So a Hail Mary: Is anyone in the exact opposite situation as me and would want to trade?
  3. We're hoping to try something different for an expedition this year. We're trying not to bring any prepackaged dehydrated stuff, get fresh ingredients at home, pre-plan and pack our own meals, dehydrate a bunch of stuff ourselves, etc. Hoping it will save us a ton not only economically, but on packaging, weight and waste. Ideally, we could package all that up at home then either ship it early or load it into a carry on to bring down to Argentina with us. But I have no idea about getting stuff like that through customs, etc. Does anyone have any experience with it or suggestions?
  4. Mount Adams Route Suggestions?

    Hey all! Not a local climber but I'm spending some time out here getting as much in as possible with a few friends. I'm experienced, one friend is relatively experienced and the other barely experienced (last weekend on the Eliot Glacier Mount Hood was her first time in crampons). Anyway, our next stop is Mount Hood but I'm having trouble picking a route. Spending some time on a glacier is pretty important to us. We were hoping to spend a day exploring some crevasses and setting up a small toprope to practice steep climbing and rapelling. But I don't want to throw, especially the newbie, into something really difficult. I liked the Mazama Glacier (especially with the option for my experienced friend and I to take on the headwall) but from what I'm reading, we won't be allowed over there till July. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Mount Adams Route Suggestions?

    Ah, ok, this is something I wondered! Cool! Double cool, it looks like that might be something we'll do. Personally, I'm trying to get up as many as I can while I'm out here. After Adams, were going to keep going north to the Emmons. I did DC a few years ago. Thanks, all!
  6. I'm looking at climbing Mount Robson's Kain Face this summer and I'm looking into permits and camping on the approach. It looks like they require reservations for any camping along the Berg Lake Trail. That's not necessarily a bad thing for heading in but I would like some flexibility for when we come back out, based on weather, etc. Anyone have any recommendations for a good way to handle that?
  7. Thule Upslope 20L Snowsport Pack

    Brand new, never used, tags still attached. Received as a gift and, even though it's nicer than my other winter packs, I figured I should sell the new one. Great for skiers, etc. GearTrade Link
  8. I combined my first ascent in the Akaska Range last summer with my nearly-completed journalism degree to make a somewhat nontraditional trip report: Beginner's Luck Long story short, the trip ended up being my first experiment into this kind of visual longform journalism but I thought it came out really well. Ultra-visual stories like climbing expeditions obviously work perfectly with this kind of product so it's something I'm going to try to continue. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas for things to cover, or thoughts on collaboration, get in touch! I'm hoping to make this type of thing, somehow, into a full-time freelance gig.
  9. Grivel Parts

    I have a pair of Grivel Air Techs with the "new matic" binding (metal front, plastic back). I'm hoping to replace the metal back with the plastic (like their "New Classic" bindings) so I can more easily wear them on regular boots without digging into my heels but I can't figure out where to find the part. Any ideas?
  10. Backpacking with white gas

    I have a 3-4 week trip to Alaska coming up this June and we'll have to backpack everything in. We're obviously planning on needing a lot of fuel for our stoves but I want to try and find a way to carry it besides just stacking rectangular MSR cans in our packs. Ideally, there would be some kind of water bladder out there that wouldn't be affected by the gasoline that we could fill and get in our packs easier, and take up far less space after they're empty. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything that could take that without basically dissolving or something. Does anyone know anything that might work or another option for packing gas that is more space-conscious?