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  1. Mt. Rainier / Camp Muir May 1st

    A friend of mine got his permits for Mt. Rainier for the weekend of May 2nd so myself along with 2 friends will be flying in from Colorado to attempt Mt.Rainier next weekend. We will be starting on Fri May 1st and heading up to Camp Muir, then to the summit early Saturday morning.... all of this is weather permitting of course. We were wondering about the conditions at camp muir and wanted to see if anyone had any info on how busy the public shelter might be that weekend, since this still seems to be early season. I have a Mtn Hardwear 4 season tent but wanted to see if we could drop some weight and try to stay in the shelter.
  2. Mt. Rainier / Camp Muir May 1st

    Ok will do, thanks!