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  1. would you be interested in Kautz? I can lead up to WI 3 and follow WI4+. Experience wise I've spend probably 3 weeks total ice climbing in Canadian Rockies and Ouray. Summited Rainier 3 times from non technical routes. Would like try some harder routes in Rainier. I live in Vancouver BC. email me. gmail:palmtree720
  2. Shuksan - 9/3

    I can do Fisher Chimney tomorrow, Friday or Saturday at the latest. send me a txt/watsapp 1-306-216-2582 I went solo last week and got to the top of the ridge above the chimney however the Glacier was too sketchy to solo the rest of the way. Endo
  3. Manaslu Or Cho Oyu Spring 2016

    I'm in the early stages of planning an attempt on Manaslu/cho oyu. Possibly with another climber. We were looking at fall climbing season though. PM sent
  4. Last minute : Looking for Rainier partner

    Glacier freeze are you looking to do the entire DC in one shot from parking to summit? If so I'm game. I'm still acclimatized from Pik Lenin so It won't be difficult. I'm avail from Aug 17-20 watsapp: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  5. Mount Rainier with Nights on summit

    I climbed with Allen. Overall an enjoyable route without much technical difficulties.
  6. Mt Hood? Beta/Partners?

    I soloed Wy'east/steel cliff back in end of March. Cooper spur looks in good cond from summit. If you want to traverse then park at timberline and get a buddy to drive you to north side trail head.
  7. Mount Rainier with Nights on summit

    I'm interested. Climbed DC before but never the Emmons.