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  1. Chest Harness for Glacier Travel

    thanks for your advice everybody. This makes a lot of sense to me. It isn't too surprising that a question like this has no obvious answer and has to be sorted out on a case by case basis. Sounds like I should bring one with me and decide whether or not it is warranted or even safe based on the terrain I'm traveling. excellent responses, all of em.
  2. Chest Harness for Glacier Travel

    Hey everybody, First post on the site. Glad to have joined the community. I've been a rock climber and backpacker for a long time, and I'm finally getting into mountaineering. I've been reading up on the essentials like crevasse rescue and the like for glacier and alpine travel, and I have come across somewhat conflicting information regarding chest harnesses. Some sources regard a simple webbing harness around ones chest essential for glacier travel in addition to the ever present waist and leg harness to protect the spine in the event of a crevasse fall. Others seem to disregard this and show only a basic harness with no connection to the chest. What do you all use when you are on the mountain? I want to be practical but I also want to be safe out there.