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  1. for sale Climbing/Outdoor gear dump

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  2. Great trip! It's a beautiful place. Odds are the first person to set eyes on the peak wasn't Swiss, but a member of one of the indigenous peoples that have lived here for 12,000 years.
  3. Hey all, A local Bellingham nonprofit, Vamos Outdoors Project, is holding an online auction, and FF down booties are one of the items. There are some REI tents/sleeping bag/pad as well. Lots of local art and brewery goodies. Feel free to check it out! www.32auctions.com/Vamosoutdoorsproject2019 Vamos Outdoors Project (VOP) works to create opportunities for Latinx and English Language Learner youth to participate in environmental education and other recreation activities. We also work with local outdoors organizations to help them connect with the Latinx/ELL population. VOP incorporated in April 2018, here we are one year in! We are serving over 40 youth in our current programming , and have worked with over 60 throughout the past year. We also work with families, holding outreach sessions and community education events about the benefits of healthy lifestyles and the outdoors. We are a volunteer dependent organization, our work depends on the long term commitment of volunteers to help run programming and build positive relationships with the youth. If you know a Vamos volunteer, give them a big thanks! We are based out of Bellingham, Washington. If this seems inappropriate for CascadeClimbers, I can take it down. I received great support last time I connected with people here, so hoping it works again! Andy
  4. Hi, my name is Andy Basabe, I've been a CC user for some years now, and I am wondering if any of you have any older backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, pads, etc, that you are interested in donating or selling for very cheap. I run Vamos Outdoors Project, a non-profit that takes Latino, ELL, and recently immigrated youth on backpacking trips into the Cascades. We run a unique program with each trip comprising of half english speaking "local" youth and half our target scholarship group. That way language and cultural exchange happens directly at a student to student level. Feel free to check out Vamoseducation.com if you are curious. I am hoping this is appropriate to put up here, I am not trying to advertise my business, but to get gear we sorely need to outfit our clients. We like to "graduate" our participants with the gear they need so they can continue to access the mountains on their own. These are kids who would not have the opportunity otherwise, and with both parents working constantly, childcare is usually the television. Thanks, Andy
  5. https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/114115914/denali-gear-wm-25-bag-ff-parka-40-below-overboots Can meet in Bellingham, Seattle or Leavenworth for pick up.
  6. Western Mountaineering Puma MF -25 sleeping bag, Western Mountaineering Flight Pants, 40 Below Overboots, and some free stuff. http://www.mountainproject.com/v/wm-puma--25-sleeping-bag-wm-flight-down-pants-40below-overboots/111972850