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  1. Three jackets and one pair of gloves for sale. Just cleaning out the closet some.Marmot ROM softshell (blue): Excellent to like new condition, used very little. $60Arc'teryx Venta MX softshell (red): Good+ condition, one small stain that may come out in a wash. No rips or tears. Rare these days, a bit niche on the feature set, and if you need it, you need it. $150SOLD - Patagonia Houdini (green/yellow): Excellent condition. $40OR Alti Gloves: Very good to excellent condition. No noticeable wear. $80All items are size L, all jackets have hoods. Live in the Denver area, will ship for $5 per item, may batch them if you want more than one. Just talk to me and we'll work it out, I'm not unreasonable. (804) 615 8086
  2. Hard shells are sold! ROM still available. Make me a reasonable offer!
  3. Two hardshells and one softshell for sale. Too nice of jackets to sit in my closet, and amazingly I've concluded that four hard shells is at least two too many. Sorry if the pictures don't load properly - not sure if these will show up as pics or links. Marmot Alpinist - Couple of years old, Goretex Pro Shell. Their top of the line shell, this thing is a suit of armor that has seen me through winter mountaineering in the Whites and many a deeply negative wind chill. Removable powder skirt for deep days. Indestructable. Not new, but it's in great shape. $175 North Face Meru Gore Jacket - Probably a 2012-2013 jacket? Gortex Active Shell. Designed for the now-famous climb of Meru Central's Shark Fin, built to be light but invincible. It's both. A few stains, particularly around the cuffs, but zero tears or damage. $125. Marmot ROM soft shell - Again, two or three years old, mostly worn casually though it's been in a pack a few times. Windstopper with more breathable side panels for higher activity levels. Excellent condition. $95 More pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/SfzGM Contact me at andrewlowry06@gmail.com, I check that more often than my message here though I'll try to keep up with PM's. More pictures available on request. Live in Golden, CO, will ship to lower 48. Thanks!
  4. Jesse Toedtman - responded by email. Thanks!
  5. Black, size large, used for a few trips. Great shape. $175 shipped to lower 48. No local pickup. Doubt too many folks in Virginia need this guy... way too warm for our winters and there aren't many mountaineers around here! Can take some pictures if you need them.
  6. Absolutely bomber GoreTex Pro Shell jacket. Very lightly used, in great shape. This thing has seen me through January white outs on Mt. Washington, among other adventures. I just don't use it enough to justify keeping such an awesome piece. Need something burly that will shrug off contact for skiing trees? This is your shell. Need something that you absolutely, 100% KNOW will get the job done when you're on a committing route and your life is on the line? This is your shell. I'm very sorry to see it go, but I need the closet space, and it needs to see the mountains more... Pictures here: https://www.geartrade.com/item/438431/marmot-alpinist-jacket/
  7. Definitely used but not abused. Only issue is that a previous owner removed the waist belt from the pack brain to save a few grams, so you can't use the brain as a day pack unless you reverse that. Shows a little dirt, which I'll clean up before shipping, but no tears or damage. Awesome pack that easily handles huge loads, I just don't have any more expedition plans in the foreseeable future that would require such a monster! 70# on steep terrain felt like nothing. Bag is navy blue, and I can provide some shots just of the bag on request - I just don't have any on hand right now. $190/OBO shipped to CONUS. A few pictures available here: http://imgur.com/a/jNwp2#0
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