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  1. Thanks! This is helpful. I did it last August with a 30m 8mm and a 35m tag line. We posted a TR for our trip last year. It was totally worth it. Sounds awesome. I didn't see the TR on your profile ..... on another site?
  2. Setup in my case is One 30m twin+tagline=4 pounds vs One 60m single=7.5 pounds
  3. tl;dr Would you do Olympus in early August with one partner and a 30m rope plus tagline? Thank you all for the great discussion. Regarding the rap I plan to take a tag line if we go with the single 30m twin (doubled for summit lead. And we realize that this means several short pitches.). To refocus, my goal with the single 30m twin is to save weight while on the Ho. If the consensus is that 30m with butterflies would necessitate a second rope for rescue operations, it seems that a single 60m with butterflies between and coils at each partner would be better. We're looking at first or second week of August to be specific. How should the glacier conditions at that time affect our decisions? Many thanks again!
  4. Thank you for the posts and link. Reading ......
  5. What are your preferred glacier techniques for a team of 2? Kiwi coil? Lots of butterflies? How many pickets? Also, considerations between a twin 30m or single 60m rope? Thinking specifically about Blue Glacier. If using a twin 30m, would it be unreasonably short doubled over for the summit block? Seems like it would be much more pleasant along the Hoh. Many thanks!
  6. Any in the Seattle area want to offload some aluminum crampons? Prefer universal but would take semi-auto in a pinch. Please PM me with model. Many thanks.
  7. Can anyone report on Aasgard pass conditions? Crampons, axe needed? Many thanks!
  8. My buddy has bailed on me so looking for a last minute partner for some kind of outing this weekend. Overnighter's preferable to make the most of gas and driving Not entirely firm on a plan. I know the Brothers would probably be a stretch right now but I've been staring at them out the window so I would be open to just a scout as well. Open to suggestions. New(ish) to area from Montana. I have personal basic gear and Toyota 4Runner but no rope. Full disclosure: fairly inexperienced climber but humble, easy going, and eager to learn. I can take off Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. I'm in Seattle, First Hill. I usually like to meet and chat over a beer but I'm busy tonight so we'll see. Let's go have some fun! PM or text please 406-two two three-7742
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