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  1. Is Mt. Hood still as scary as it looked in March

    Whatcomboy, how directly did the Hogsback lead to the Pearly Gates this year? Does it pop you out pretty directly beneath them?
  2. Is Mt. Hood still as scary as it looked in March

    I am pleasantly surprised by the lack of snark in this forum so far. Haha.
  3. Is Mt. Hood still as scary as it looked in March

    Thanks for that!
  4. Is Mt. Hood still as scary as it looked in March

    Hey Nolan, thanks for the info man. It's awesome to have someone who has had eyes on the route. Good to know that the rime beneath Devil's has gone, and that the snow on the route seems to be cycling. I will keep tracking the weather, and we'll just see how things shape up in two weeks. I took an Avy 1 course this winter, but it was very much oriented to a continental snowpack. And the climbing I've done has been in very safe summer conditions. So I still have a lot of experience to gain with maritime snowpacks (or just spring snowpacks in general). I will watch for wet avalanches and signs of flying rime dinner plates and make sure to get a nice early start. Anyway, thanks again for the info and let me know if you see anything else pertinent while up there! Kevin
  5. Hi all,I'm posting this mostly after reading about the accident in March, and the nasty conditions then. I'm hoping to drive from Spokane to climb Mt. Hood the first weekend of May, if weather and conditions permit. I have climbed a lot in Washington but have never seen Mt. Hood from any higher up than the lodge. I am bringing an inexperienced partner with me and will make conservative decisions. I also don't want to drive 6 hours if the mountain's gonna be in terrible shape. I'm hoping some of you who are local to Hood can help me a little with beta on current conditions. Here's what I understand of current conditions:1) it's been a low snow year, and stuff is falling off the upper cliffs a lot2) the current surface is a lot of irregular, large, unstable rimey features3) weather has still been bringing in some snow, with temps mostly below freezing and not a lot of freeze/thaw solidifying of the snowpack up highDoes this sound accurate to anyone who's seen the mountain recently? Any Hood veterans willing to make a forecast of how the mountain will shape up in the next three weeks? Thanks for information,Kevin
  6. Crevasse finder!

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate your advice. I don't really have the money to fill up the gas tank this weekend, but I've been meaning to get out with a buddy of mine to teach him before the snow comes down. Thanks for being so helpful! Kevin
  7. Crevasse finder!

    Hey guys, Thanks for both of your comments. I might just shoot for Rainier then. I'm trying to make it a quick trip - I'm not from here and I only have a season of climbing in the PNW under my belt. I just got a new crevasse rescue system and I was pretty keen to get some practice with it before actually taking it on a trip. Maybe I'll shoot for Rainier - I have a friend who rappels down into the larger crevasses and scavenges for fallen gear. Thanks, Kevin
  8. Crevasse finder!

    Hey folks, I need a little help from people who are more familiar with the PNW than I am. I'm located in Spokane, WA and I have a buddy that I'm trying to find the closest glacier (with crevasses) to me. Do y'all have any tips? I understand that Washington Pass might be a good option, but if you guys have anything better I'd love to hear it. Canada's not an option - my passport is in storage in Nevada. It'd be stellar to hear your ideas! Kevin
  9. Late-season choices on Baker?

    Hey all, My name's Kevin. I got formal mountaineering training this summer and got a few peaks under my belt; not a lifetime of experience but enough to make me eager to keep learning. I'm solid on crevasse rescue, navigation and all of the basics but that doesn't mean I'm bold. So, with that in mind I'm looking for ideas on what routes are good for Baker in early October. I did the Easton Glacier when it was just starting to get pretty heavily crevassed, and I understand it's a lousy late-season option. Thoughts? Suggestions? I've got a keen eye on the weather and I'd appreciate people chiming in on that if this thread is alive when we're closer to October, too. Thanks all, Kevin