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  1. Starting a new gear shop and climbing in between

    Thank you it's been an exciting ride so far.
  2. Starting a specialty store takes healthy doses of courage and hard work. Below you'll find a link to our blog where you can follow along as we bring the concept of AntiGravity to fruition. Thank you for visiting our page, we welcome you to share in our adventure! Cari and Juan AntiGravity Equipment @antigravityeq
  3. Dear climbing community, We hope this letter finds you all in good health and in good company. We hope that you’ve had another great summer filled with many fun and exciting adventures. As many in the community know, we have taken steps to fulfill a big dream of ours; to open our very own climbing shop. Cari and I have put our greatest efforts and ideas forward to try and bring you not only a place where you can get what you need to create your best life experiences but also to bring you a place where you can feel like you are part of a family. Even with all of our efforts we’ve found that we are in need of your help. We have carefully invested our funds, knowledge, and resources, to ensure that we bring you a varied selection of the best climbing equipment on the market. Still, opening a shop that is original in concept and community centered involves more than just obtaining inventory. In the coming months we will be working on all the things that are behind the scenes: Web development, accounting, a point of sales system, setting up our shipping department, building our computer and video editing system, purchasing fixtures, and collaborating with Stoneworks on the overall design. These are the things we are kindly asking for your help with. We have set up a crowd funding campaign on our website, AntiGravity Equipment, with various options for donations. All include special gifts in return for your contribution. Some of the gifts include limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts with original artwork, climbing gym memberships, and private climbing instruction given by Cari and myself. We understand that circumstances might not allow for a monetary contribution, and if that is the case, we kindly ask that you consider increasing awareness of our venture by spreading this message, reposting to your favorite social media page, “liking” us on FB and following us on instagram at @antigravityeq. We thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It has been such an amazing experience, watching our dream go from an on-line business application to physically standing in the middle of our floor-space dreaming of all the possibilities that lay before us. We have already had tremendous support along the way and are incredibly humbled by and appreciative of the generosity shown to us through our friends, family, and community. For that, we kindly thank you. Sincerely, Juan and Cari AntiGravity Equipment @antigravityeq