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  1. I am interested in Climbing Rainier as well. I have been above the DC a few years back but had to turn back due to weather. I've been looking to make another attempt. I have all gear necessary except rope. I'm going to Banff from July 10-17 but am available after the 24th through mid September.
  2. I posted a few weeks ago. I'm looking for a partner myself. I am traveling from the east coast. I will be in Seattle from Aug. 7th-11. I was hoping to climb with someone on the 8th. Spend the night at Camp Muir the get an early start and come all the way back down. I have all gear except rope. I have been above DC but did not summit. My email is randy113@hotmmail.com if you want to communicate with me directly. My cell is 484-832-3198. I have filled out the permit request for two climbers but have not faxed it yet.
  3. Yes, I am interested. Let me know if that date will work. I can fax the permit request and I am willing to pay for both. Have you done the DC route?
  4. Looking for a climbing partner or partners to climb Mt. Rainier August 8, 2014. Starting at Paradise to Camp Muir. Overnight then climb via the DC route. I have previous climbing experience on Rainier but have not been much above DC around 12,600. I have all necessary gear except rope at this time. I am working on securing the necessary permits for two people. I am traveling from the northeast and have a limited window.
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