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  1. Mt. Adams North Ridge Access

    I'll be there next week. 4th of July time frame. I'll post a TR when we get down. Hoping for Adams Glacier, if not, North Cleaver route will suffice.
  2. Mt. Adams North Ridge Access

    Thanks for the beta folks. Really appreciate it.
  3. Mt. Adams North Ridge Access

    Newbie here... Climbed a bunch in CA but this is my first trip to the Southern Cascades of Washington. I know FR-23 is open to mile marker 30 as posted on the Forest Service website but I really need to know about FR-2329. I'll be flying out June 29th of this year. I know the future isn't predictable but... 1) When on average is FR-2329 open to the Killen Creek trailhead? 2) If it's not open by the time we get there, can we ski in from FR-23 and then up to High Camp? Or is there an easier access? 3) More water related than access - How do people feel about drinking the water from Equestria Lake without treatment? Fred Becky's book doesn't talk about water access at High Camp, though I'm assuming there is water there. Never assume in the mountains a long way from the car! Thanks for all the potential help! Anthony