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  1. Trip: Mt Hood - Hogsback/ Old crater Date: 5/17/2014 Trip Report: Camped in the Timberline Lower lot and headed out at 415 am. Reached Crater Rock a little after 630 am and head up the Hogsback from there. The 'Schrung was very large and had expanded significantly to the west and east. It is pretty large, making ascent above it through the Pearly Gates more treacherous- IE belay and anchors necessary. My partner and I decided to head up the old crater route instead to minimize our exposure. Once on top of the Hogsback, we got socked in with 10-25 ft of visibility, changing drastically with each gust of wind. Summited around 945 am. Still low visibility. Wind was a constant 25-30 mph on the summit, gusts higher. Descended via the chutes. Very steep and narrow down climbing. Reached the hogback center by 1145, and then the clouds cleared completely. excellent visibility for the remainder of the descent. Reached the parking lot around 130-2pm after messing around and trying to glissade between Crater Rock and the palmer lift. Gear Notes: Axes Crampons rope (8mm) Approach Notes: The 'Schrungd was very large, would recommend not climbing about it without protection in place.