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  1. If you know of any aspiring young climbers or mountaineers, you should have them check the Seattle YMCA BOLD & GOLD (Boys and Girls Outdoor Leadership Development) program. This summer we are running climbing trips all around the Northwest, including Mt. Erie, Smith Rock and Squamish, and mountaineering expeditions on Mt. Baker, Mt. Olympus, and in the North Cascades. The trips are for youth entering 6th grade to graduating high school seniors. Our programs are very affordable (scholarships and financial aid are available for all participants) and we seek to enable kids from all backgrounds to be able to experience this sport that we all love. It is a great program for kids to not only begin climbing, but also develop their skills over the years. If you know of any kids who might be interested have them check out http://ymcaleadership.com/ or contact us at mcadmissions@seattleymca.org to learn more about our program!