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  1. Flatlander needs boot advice for early season

    Thanks guys So it sounds like the Trango Extremes I already have should be fine warmth wise and no major concerns about staying wet. Whats the major advantage of the integrated gaiter boots then? I'm sure warmth is one but I bet there even harder to dry once wet.
  2. I have read and re-read Dane's blog about a billion times but fact is I live so far away (Oklahoma) from the conditions I'm prepping for I could use some advice from those with more experience. Currently own silver bullets and they worked great for me on south face of Baker in summer, and winter ice cragging in the Rockies and Sierras. Feet were never cold. Mid may I am heading out to north ridge of Baker for AAI Alpine Ice course and hope to tackle Shuksan Fisher's Chimneys and Liberty ridge in near term in either early or late season conditions and plan to gear up next winter to start hitting winter trips in Colorado. Question - can I make the trango extremes work for mid-may snow conditions on Baker if I double gaiter (pant's gaiter and external gaiter)? Since I'm out a few days it seems like if I get them wet I'm hosed. Question - same thing for Shuksan and Rainier in either early or late season and CO in winter (mostly one day for CO)? If not should I look at a boot with integrated gaiter like Batura 2.0 (better chance of staying dry, but hosed if it gets wet) or go all the way to a light double aka Phantom 6000 (no plans for Denali or Aconcagua in near future but would love to migrate into BC). I realize foot and crampon fit has to be taken into account but have a chance to go to a real boot fitter with a selection next weekend and want to understand if I can really get by with 2 sets of boots for all conditions. And if so - which one to add. Thanks