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  1. Easy way for you to win 2 free Ice Screws

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  2. Hello everyone,I'm protesting a photo contest from our local ice climbing festival because it's based on Facebook "likes" rather than creativity or effort... So... Anyone who just spams their friends or followers to like their photo will win, regardless if they were part of the festival or not..As a person who always puts in a ton of effort for Climbing Festival photo contests, this annoys me..So to prove a point, I'm spamming you all:Like this photo <---- If you click "like" on this photo, and we win, we will pick a name at random of the people who liked it, and I will ship out 2 brand new Grandwall Ice Screws (the prize) anywhere in the world, free shipping, to the winner, drawn by random number generator, and excluding anyone on my friends list to avoid any appearance of nepotism.I figure about 100 or so likes should win it, so that gives you a 1% chance of winning 2 free screws for 2 seconds of your time.And yes, I know how petty and spiteful this is... but photo contests should encourage the community to be fun, creative, and to put in some effort; not just reward someone for having followers.Cheeeeeers!