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  1. eastern oregon

    Hi, I do some climbing (mostly bouldering now), but haven't ice climbed yet. I think I'd like to in the future. I am headed out in a day or two to do of all things - outdoor ice skating on some frozen lakes (if it all works out). If anyone has any suggestions on where to look for ice climbs in eastern oregon, please say so. I may be able to swing by and take pics. but I'm not going extend myself real far in the mountains. for example, I found a whole bunch last year northwest of john day.
  2. Southeastern Cascades/Yakima Ice?

    internet says its super cold there now - and with the lack of snow this season.. why not take your chances and try to hike up some hiking trails on or near the north side of rimrock lake? or go see what you can find in the bumping lake area if all you want to do is a top-rope, there are all kinds of short seeps in all kinds of places
  3. eastern oregon

    and a few more - might as well put them up here too I got a little bit of fever seeing these ice cliffs (all ice cliffs this thread in same area) because they can be gotten to without a whole lot of hiking/skiing/snowshoeing/posthholing/etc and nice and small and many to choose from the biggest approach issue would be trying to cross the river in a raft when the river is half or partially frozen
  4. eastern oregon

    a few more odds and ends - some ice for skating too - if you are into that kind of thing sorry for making such a weird thread - but I hope you like the pics I cant say that I can get too excited about a sport (ice climbing) that happens about (a week per year) within a half a day to a day's drive from Portland but I'll be doing some more lake/creek/pond skating - maybe I'll build a website for that and finally, I'll say that probably the only ice for climbing in north-east oregon (not including central oregon) is in the strawberries, anthony lake, by joseph, and where I took these pics by the john day river - all else is just dirt hills
  5. eastern oregon

    here are some pics from last yr, mid jan - these are close to the john day river I guess these would be in when leavenworth or banks lake is in some are roadside, and some you have to cross the river, or walk a ways in from a bridge (most likely pvt property issues) there is a lot more in this area than these pics
  6. eastern oregon

    I didn't see anything where I went this trip, but I did sleep in my car where it got down to -1. That was a cold night in a cramped honda civic. Wished I still had my SUV. In case you are also interested in 'frozen lake' ice skating, the only thing that wasn't real bumpy was some frozen drainage ditches - which I skated on. Hockey skates are horrible for that - feet hurt like heck. Saw some stuff on internet about nordic ice skating - that looks like a much better way to do it. I'll post some pics from last Jan - when I was around the john day river. There was lots of ice for the climbing - one was just a few feet from the road. I'll post those pics soon. But most of the pics were really bad. It looked much better in real life. In short, I have to say that eastern oregon is waaaaaaay colder than the cascades. The stretch of road between Ukiah and La Grande (especially closer to la grande) looked like an area that should have had some ice - it had some cliffs and was very, very cold (the river was frozen). (maybe look for side creeks that have a breif falls section?) the rest of what I saw did not even have cliffs, let alone water running over cliffs. I have in the past, hiked up to anthony lakes and saw the small waterfall in summer. I also hiked up in the strawberry's in summer, but got turned back at the lake by a really nasty lightning storm. I doubt that making it to the falls in winter is doable - you would have to start really far down the mountain in winter and the trail side slopes are really steep. I also hiked in summer to see the falls just south of Enterprise. Probably the Wallowas would be the best bet. You'll like the pics I'll post from last year.