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  1. Silverton access issues?

    I'm looking to try getting on Silverton's Shackle, but it appears that the access situation in Silverton may have changed to get on the trail. My climbing partner was scouting it out and reports the end of the road is covered in no trespassing, residents only signs. I've heard from others that this did not use to be the case. Does anyone know specifics, especially a way to obtain permission? Thanks.
  2. My wife and I are thinking about going up to WA pass for the weekend (17-18). I trad lead 5.7-5.8. We could transport 2 more people in our van from Seattle. Ben
  3. Rainier 2/9-10?

    Anyone interested in making an attempt on Mt Rainier next week on Tuesday and Wednesday? Weather forecast looks promising. I'd also be up for any other mountain that's high and has an accessible trailhead. Baker? Snowking? Among other things, I've summited Rainier twice in the summer via DC, also have some climbs of Baker in less than ideal conditions. All of this was either unguided or I was one of the guides. Avy 1. Prepping for Denali. Some easy ice and backcountry ski experience too.
  4. I just moved to the Sand Point area in Seattle, within walking distance of the Mountaineers Lodge and their outdoor climbing wall. I work from home w/ flexible hours. If anyone wants a climbing partner to play around on the wall during the week, send me a PM. I lead trad 5.6 and am most interested in getting more practice with double ropes (which I own and could bring). I'm available this week, but the next two are out for a road trip to Canada.
  5. Mid week Alpine climbing

    PM sent