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  1. Missing climber on hood.

    I'm having trouble getting the photo to upload directly into the post, so I'll hyperlink it. Red dot is where he ended up. NW side of Hood looking SE
  2. Missing climber on hood.

    Heard about them, don't know where they spotted it. those were spotted by the guys in the Chinook.
  3. Missing climber on hood.

  4. Missing climber on hood.

    Saw a group of four at about the 9500 ft level on cathedral ridge. They were still headed up when we last flew by them. They appeared to be sticking to the rocks, which I think was a good thing considering the conditions we were witnessing. (I have minimal mountaineering knowledge).
  5. Missing climber on hood.

    I was up there in an aircraft last couple of days in support of this search. Morning time seemed to be fairly solid. Afternoons, you'd see little rivers of snow cascading off the mountain. Here is an image from the NW side of the mountain -- notice all that brown? it wasn't there when I was up there on Thursday. [img:center]https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2l0qnzbuwzxzbd/IMG_20130629_100904.jpg[/img]