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  1. Superfeet in double leather boots

    "footbeds go inside of inner boot. not between outer and inner boot. Is this what you are asking about?" Yes, that was my question. "as far as I know, there are no heat moldable superfeet. What do you mean by "baking"" The Baruntses have a heat moldable inner boot, I wasn't sure if the Superfeet went inside. Still not sure I will put them in the oven together but at least the order is clear. Thanks!
  2. Superfeet in double leather boots

    I just got a pair of LS Baruntses and am thinking about swaping out the footbeds for superfeet for better arch support. Ive seen some comments about baking the liners with the footbeds INSIDE the liners and wondered if this was the norm? My thought had been to put the liners inside the boots, followed by the liners. How do you all wear footbeds in double boots?