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  1. Climber Lost in Whiteout on Mt Hood

    It's always interesting to here the details before judging the experience. I'm glad everything turned out ok.
  2. Climber Lost in Whiteout on Mt Hood

    Please do tell us, Loomis, how long have you been climbing? How long does one have to climb to ascertain the knowledge which you so kindly provide us?
  3. Climber Lost in Whiteout on Mt Hood

    What makes you think I'm a guy?
  4. Climber Lost in Whiteout on Mt Hood

    Loomis, you clearly speak from experience and great wisdom. What have you: 6, 9, 20 years of experience climbing the peaks? And now that you have established a platform from which to extol your alpinist virtues upon the rest of us, please do tell. What ARE the rules and methods of navigation by which the rest of us must abide in order to meet your base level of standards and instincts? How have you also managed to maintain contact with this young man who hunkered down overnight in 40 mph winds in sub-freezing temps? For as you speak, it appears you have direct knowledge of this climber's experience, gear list, mindset, and objectives. Were you there on the mountain by his side? Have you ever watched your compass freeze over and become virtually unreadable in pitch black sub-freezing conditions as your fingers numbed and panic set in like concrete drying on a hot summer day knowing that any move could be the last so you dig a cave, eat some power bars, and remind yourself that tomorrow will be a better day? Can you even imagine the reasons a climber might hunker down despite having compass, GPS, and whatever extra batteries you think will save your life in hand? Is that your experience, sir? But let me remind you that while you write this diatribe drivel about a far superior climber you sit in a warm room filing digital bullshit based on your obviously long-term experience as a climber. Let me guess, you've summited a few peaks in the northwest and now you're what? What you are is the fucking man! I can't wait to read the next Loomis post. Perhaps I can read it on your gear review website . . . more drivel. What's sad about this entire situation is that an amateur can recline in his seat and judge experienced climbers with impunity. You are the fucking man! Bravo!