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  1. FS cams and 5.10 newtons

    Just looking to get rid of some cams (C4 .5, .75 and 1) I don't use and a too small pair of shoes. I bought the cams used and placed maybe once. Looks like the 1 may have taken a fall or been aided on otherwise they look good to me. Newtons are mens 9 or 42. Maybe around 20 or 30 pitches on them and some random gym climbing (plans to clean and disinfect them in the coming days). Edge has some solid life left. $90 for all the cams or $35 for singles. $45 for the newtons. I will be moving to West Seattle shortly, could be available for local pick up or shipping if you desire such things. Questions welcome
  2. FS cams and 5.10 newtons

    message for photos, not sure where those went
  3. Climbing/Skiing Spring Cleaning

    Spammed you inbox with PM's, hahah
  4. FS: Metolius Master Cam #6 Green, new w/tags

    sent you a PM
  5. Need climbing partner for Vantage area

    sent you an email
  6. 38 dry?

    Was wondering if anyone had information on the dryness level of Nevermind or amazonia?
  7. crampon question

    I was browsing around for a pair of used crampons and found these http://nh.craigslist.org/spo/3764425292.html I have boots with a rear welt and was wondering if it is a significant difference between universal and semi-auto crampons as far as performance goes. Maybe someone has a pair they are wanting to get rid of too, hahah.
  8. crampon question

    Thanks guys, I will likely start with the glacier walking and see where life takes me. Probably going to have to pass for now.
  9. Was hoping to snare someone for some last minute climbs tomorrow (4/26) at one of the exits or possibly index? Trad 5.9ish, sport 11ish, can belay harder and climb easier. Ryan
  10. climbing partner

    Keith, I'm climbing about the same and always looking for a partner. I'm in Renton but have friday-sunday off and sometimes thursday. Any chance you want to get out tomorrow? Ryan
  11. And congratulations to you for having nothing better to do than comment on the usage of alternate sentence structure to express a desire to go climbing.
  12. Hey hey, I could be interested in climbing some leavenworth rocks this saturday. I'm also interested in beefing up my trad experiences, I have led 5.9 and followed a bit harder and have been climbing for about 3.5 years. Ryan
  13. washington climbing

    Greg, I am looking for partners with similar climbing interests. I've led 5.9 trad and followed a bit harder and done a couple of multi-pitch routes. I have been climbing for 3.5 years and am most experienced with sport climbing (strong in 11's) but have a strong desire to get better at trad and multi-pitch. So if you can handle taking a bit of extra time on route (if nothing else I'd be happy to follow and clean) I would love to get on some long cruiser walls. Ryan
  14. Good intro alpine climbing

    I recently moved to Seattle and was looking to broaden my climbing experiences with some forays into the alpine and multipitch world. I'm pretty green as far as trad experience goes but have led up to 5.9 and followed a bit harder. Any recommendations for some good beginner climbs?