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  1. Mid August climb...

    Hey thanks for the response man. Sounds like we probably will not try it. We already planned on Adams, we may not have enough time to get down to Sister's. We are definitely going to Rainier but were trying to cram in Hood also. Sounds like we are going to hit up the Tetons in Jackson for a couple days on the way there. I would rather not get smashed by a falling rock, ha.
  2. Mid August climb...

    Hi, new here. A couple of questions. First I have no real climbing experience. I have done a lot of skiing for about 15 years and done some backcountry. A buddy and I from Colorado are planning on driving out there and Climbing Hood while in Oregon. We would probably attempt a summit on or about August 9th. He is experienced with climbing and will be teaching me and practicing: arresting, crevasse rescue etc before heading that way. I am somewhat familiar with Hood as far as the lower elevations go. I have had a season pass at Meadows and Timberline and hiked all around it. I lived in Oregon until last summer. Anyways looking for tips on conditions and what to expect for that time of year. Also is it feasible to ski down from the summit this time of year? Do I need any special passes or permits for anything? Should we start the climb at midnight? What is the Avy danger? Basically as thorough a run down as possible for what I need and can expect for that time of year. Much thanks in advance.