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  1. This long multi pitch bolted routes are not a very recent thing although every year new routes are established - for example the Ende Nie was established over 10 years ago. The Herzschlag der Leidenschaft was esablished 2 years ago. A great resource for routes in Austria is the following page (in German... click below Touren on Klettern - longer routes or Klettersteige - via ferrata or Klettergaerten - climbing crags - usually bolted): http://bergsteigen.at/de/default.aspx
  2. Thats where I'm from... We have many many bolted multi pitch routs in Tirol and Salzburg. There are often Alpenverein huts close by where you can stay for cheap. Oh how I miss that sometimes...
  3. Conditions Rainier?

    Would be great to get a condition report - Fuhrer Finger would especially be interesting.
  4. Conditions Rainier?

    Has anybody climbed Mt. Rainier in the last days and can give a conditions report? Thanks!