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  1. Lost Camera!

    Thanks fantastic Sheldon, thanks a million!! Left all my info on your VM. You've confirmed my faith in climbers (and guides!) ettiquette! :-)
  2. Lost Camera!

    Yip! On the way out when we closed our climb itinerary at the White River Ranger station I filled out a Lost and Found report so they will call if anyone turns one in.
  3. Lost Camera!

    Summit attempt via Emmons/Winthrop route on Saturday July 14th, denied at 13,500' due to a team member with altitude issues, everything turned out ok tho'! Bad news is I lost my camera on the trip out Sunday with all the pics! It was a small black/silver Olympus digital in a black Lowe case, lost somwhere between the bottom of the steep section of the Interglacier and Glacier Basin. If ANYONE has found it please let me know via this forum! Thanks!
  4. Mt. Hood Snowcat seats

    Hi all, first time posting here! I'm taking two friends up Mt. Hood South Side on either June 2nd or 3rd (weather and avy conditions permitting), anyone know of any snowcats heading up either of those mornings with 3 seats available (for a fee of course!)? Did this route a couple of years ago and stumbled on a cat ride that morning, beat the heck out of the slog up the ski run the year before! Let me know if anyone has any info or suggestions, thanks!