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  1. Looking to climb anything in the bellingham area tomorrow (june 22). Shoot me an email (jtm3858@gmail) or a text/call (two-four-eight 8850691).
  2. Trad/sport/bouldering around bellingham 6/22

    Actually stick with a call/text. Internet isnt reliable for me at the moment.
  3. Mt Baker 6/21-6/22

    Looking for a partner for anything on Baker for 6/21-22. I'd be most excited for the north ridge or coleman headwall, but I'd be plenty happy with anything else.
  4. Any open space in Bellingham?

    I'm coming out to Bellingham from the midwest to spend a week on Baker in about a month. As I'm a poor graduate student, I'm trying to spend as little as possible. I have a friend in Bellingham who said I could crash at his place, then he bailed on me....I've also tried couch surfing to no avail. Any chance anybody has a patch of grass I could pop my tent for the nights of June 15 and 16? Heck, I won't even use your bathroom. Six-pack of local brew (or any other beer of choice) to whomever helps me out. As I don't have transportation besides the busses in Bellingham, I pretty much need a spot downtown. Thanks!
  5. Intermediate climbs North Cascades June/July

    I might take you up on something in June. Unfortunately I only have one free day (June 16), and I'm flying in from out of town, so my gear will be pretty sparse. I'd be up for a quick morning/afternoon slog up a decent sized peak. I'll keep you posted on my plans and maybe we can work something out.
  6. I'm coming in from the mid-west for a week on Baker, but I've got a free day on June 16 (stuck in Bellingham without a car). Anybody got anything going that you wouldn't mind me tagging along for? I'd be happy with a slog up anything, trad/sport, multi-pitch, bouldering, movie-night, whatever (as fair warning, seeing as I live in the mid-west, I'm admittedly crummy on rock -- I'd lead a 5.6 sport, lead nothing trad, but happily follow a 5.10a/b....I'm completely self-sufficient on glaciers, though). I basically just want to get as much value out of my time in the northwest as possible. Plus, I'm a terrible tourist, and the idea of loafing around Bellingham for a day doesn't sound as much fun as a day in the mountains.