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  1. Hey I'm moving to Seattle in less than a week. I would like to climb for a few days as soon as I get out there, I have to be back in Seattle by the 6th but have about 4 days before then. I would love to do Hood or Adams but not set on anything at all if you have something else in mind. Maybe get two climbs in those four days....I'm new to climbing with only a week long mountaineering seminar under my belt in Colorado but I'm in great shape and want to learn a lot more. If your willing to show a newb the ropes let me know, I can't wait to get up there and start! If your interested e mail me or message me! ahulett88@hotmail.com Take care, Austin
  2. Trango Extreme Vs. Trango Prime

    Thanks for the great article Zickler. And thanks for the input birddog, from what you two have told me and a few other people I'll go with the Trango ext. I'm going to definetly hit up pro mountain sports to talk to Jim, thanks again birddog! Cheers guys! Austin
  3. Trango Extreme Vs. Trango Prime

    Hey guys, I'm looking to officially buy my first pair of boots and I want the lightest possible but still solid enough to get the job done year round. I'm willing to sacrifice a little warmth so I have narrowed it down to these two. So please give me your input on these two and what would be my best bet.
  4. Newbie looking for partner to learn from...

    Rob thanks for the reply! I have basic skills in belaying, the only real climb I have done so far though is the first Flatiron in Boulder when I did the mountaineering seminar. Winter storms made it close to impossible to climb inside of RMNP the week I was there but we did some basic snow travel with crampons and how to set up snow anchors. We also did a little ice climbing in the park. I wouldn't be confident leading at all at this stage because my skills are very rudimentary so far being I'm in St. Louis. I bought Freedom of the Hills a few months ago already! Great pick up and I just wish I could go out and practice all that stuff. I just read Ed Viesturs books and Anatoli Boukreev's books and I just get so anxious to climb, I'm tired of reading! I'll have to look into those clubs though, but I would prefer to just go out and do it with someone who is willing to take me under their wings and learn for free...I'll just drive and haul there gear for them in return and buy the first round of beers I guess haha...I'll just have to post the week before I move out like you said, just didn't want to waste anytime as soon as I get out there, thanks again Rob! Cheers!
  5. Hey guys, I live in St. Louis right now but am moving out to the Seattle area no later than the first week of June. I want to climb as much as I can when I get there. Obviously I need to find a job there and am going to do that so not sure what my schedule will look like. But if anyone is interested in taking on a newbie to teach me or lead me a few climbs I would love to join you!!! I'm in excellent shape and would love to move fast, I took a mountaineering seminar in Colorado for a week in RMNP and thats the extent of my experience as well as just going to an indoor gym here in St. Louis. Let me know if your interested!
  6. Anyone have a month to spare this summer?

    Does experience matter? I have very little experience because I live in St. Louis but am moving to the Seattle area no later than the first week of June. I have a car and am in excellent shape so I would haul any gear around for us...I'm a quick learner and easy going. I just want to get into climbing seriously and this sounds like a great way to do it. If you already have a partner for this endeavor I would still love to tag along if possible. I would need to learn a lot but I would pull my own weight. Message me if your willing to take a newbie on.
  7. Post no longer active

    Hey man, I'm a beginner as well. I actually live in St Louis Missouri right now but am going to try and move out to the Seattle area sometime soon, no later than June. I have taken a week long mountaineering seminar in RMNP so my skills are rudimentary but I'm 24 like you and in excellent shape. I was wondering if you would want to partner up if your willing to teach me a few things and we could learn a lot together? I'm looking for a job out there and a place to live cheaply. I have a car and would want to climb any days I have off work man. I hope we can get in touch now if your interested and get to know each other. Go over equipment and such. E mail me if your interested, if not good luck! ahulett88@hotmail.com Cheers, Austin!
  8. Moving to Washington, HELP!

    Well from looking around on Craig's List it looks like I would be able to get a job as a Personal Trainer. It's related to my field where I majored, and all I would need to do is pass a test for a few hundred bucks. Pay is well enough to live off of, and I would be able to stay in excellent shape. Would that profession be compatible for climbing? I'm thinking I would get enough time off to go climbing every week or every other week during the summer months. You guys know any Personal Trainers who climb?
  9. Moving to Washington, HELP!

    Hey guys, I live in St. Louis Missouri right now. I am wanting to move to Washington so I can climb. I have no connections out there and need help. I really would only have about 3-400 bucks a month to spare for rent but need a place to live. I was thinking somewhere around Seattle, but I have also been told Leavenworth is a great place to live for climbers. So does anybody need a room mate or know of someone who would? I'm all ears on places to live. I'm looking to move first week of June but I could always split a month or so sooner. I need a job as well, anything really haha. I have a BA in Physical Education, but would not be certified in the state of Washington and jobs for P.E. suck right now anyways. Just thought that might help in getting another job. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.