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  1. At $400+, it seems like a pretty unknown bet. My old Northface shell is my trusted workhorse. I know it will keep me dry in ugly conditions high on the mountain, but I wouldn't wear it working out because like all gortex, it becomes really wet inside. I'm intrigued by the breathability claims of polartec, but worried about waterproof. Sounds like Dane thinks its the real-deal. That's really been the only non-sponsored opinion I've read. Thanks. I may need to pull the trigger.
  2. I've read some hype about the new Polartec neoshell being a better alternative to event and Goretex. Reviews saying it's very breathable. But we all know how those magazine reviews work... I suppose I believe the hype about breathability; but I'm concerned about waterproof. On the one hand GTex, is great on the waterproof side, which is important in PacNW, but is pretty bad on breathability. It's a tradeoff, I know... I've had condensation inside freeze up on me (dangerous) with goretex, but I'd hate to switch over on hype alone and discover polartec leaks like a siv in the rain. Especially out... there
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