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  1. These your keys? Advantage at Vantage.
  2. (four-two-five) six-eight-six nine-three-nine-nine, in Seattle. View my post here: https://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-bd-soloist-acent-gloves-small-arcteryx-pants-small-rab-jacket-small--free-synthetic-vest-if-you-buy-all/111633111 I'm selling my holiday gifted small, green, new, Rab Baltoro Guide jacket, for a different one. And selling small, black, new, ArcTeryx Gamma MX pants (I've owned it before, but now want other ones in color). Black Diamond Soloist Ascent series gloves, size small (new/unused) Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift PrimaLoft Insulated Vest, small, black I'll give the Adidas vest to whomever buys the pants, jacket, and gloves.
  3. Who dropped a LaSportiva approach shoe at the base of Prusik Peak? I found it on Sunday 18th October, and looked around for the other shoe and instead found three Black Diamond micro stoppers.
  4. I bought these for a trip that I'm taking in Asia next month, but now got different boots instead. They're with me in France right now, and I'll mail them from here as I lack space to bring them back. I have the box back in Seattle, so I can mail that separately when I return at the end of November. Email me at Lhotsa @ gmail . com [remove spaces] and I'll reply from my personal email, thanks. Photos aren't attaching for reasons I do not know, so I can just email them to you instead.
  5. Size 45 Contact me via email: Lhotsa @ gmail . com, or text/call me at (917) 415 1421 Got these to use for a week of climbing in Ouray this February. Splendid boots. Basically only worn on the snow to and from the ice park and the car, and on climbs. What's especially unique is that I wear a plastic bag (produce kind, like for tomatoes, etc) over my sock liner, then a thick sock over that, so these boots have never known my feet or sweat or anything like that. They still smell new, and still feel new, they basically are like new. Barely any difference. Gaiters worn over them, so not much wallowing in snow, but anyway they're waterproof. What else can be said? Oh, I'm only 145 lbs so not a heavy guy walking around in them. And I've still got the box, and the tags, and even the paper that they were wrapped in. Crampon compatible, with either rigid or semi-rigid crampons (boots have both toe-welt and heel-welt). So make me a good offer, more than half-price please, and preference to Seattle pick-up.
  6. Got it in Colorado to climb with in Ouray last month, but ended up using a buddy's rope. Pick up in Seattle. Email me for photos, because I can't seem to load them here. Get ahold of me via email: Lhotsa @ gmail . com, or text/call me at (917) 415 1421
  7. Brand new and unused, current generation, and comes with tags, caps, and sleeves. The screw sizes are: three 10cm, three 13cm, four 16cm, one 19cm, one 22cm. Can't figure out how to post photos with my iPad, so just contact me for photos. I'd like to sell all to one buyer, instead of splitting them up, thanks. I can also be reached at: Lhotsa [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m Or text me at: (425) 686 9399
  8. Email me directly for a photo: Lhotsa @ gmail . com Black Diamond Vipers Previous generation Both tools with hammers Freshly sharpened Converted leashless Leashes included
  9. Email me directly for a photo: Lhotsa @ gmail . com Petzl Aztars Unused With leashes Hammer & Adze
  10. Email me directly at Lhotsa @ gmail . com for a photo Grivel Rambo 2 crampons Comes with anti-bott plates All unused, so basically new Step-in 12-point crampons for steep and hard ice climbing. Nickel and chromoly front points provide shear-resistance and excellent penetration. Drop-forged horizontal and vertical front points kick in no matter how steep the terrain gets. Crampon structure is totally rigid with side rail construction for a stable, vibration-free platform. Front point orientation can be changed or made asymmetrical and worn front points can be changed.
  11. Two Grivel Rambo 2 ice tools. Converted leashless with Grivel pommels. One tool with hammer, one tool with adze. Evolution picks, and freshly sharpened tips. Got a different second set so selling these now. Make me an offer, email me at: Lhotsa @ gmail . com Photo: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-EUTYMLEvkMQ/TxzPmaMoiHI/AAAAAAAAAOk/Ge78RtrQWx0/s512/DSCN6469c.jpg
  12. A pair of Petzl Ergo ice-climbing tools, previous generation. Never used, tags still attached, so basically also new. Pick tips are sharp. Make me an offer. Email me directly at: Lhotsa @ gmail . com Photo: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-iQVZld0RDlQ/TxKJjC1ih4I/AAAAAAAAAN0/GNlWMtlWQlE/s512/DSCN6431c.jpg
  13. Yeah, I went in on the new ones with a friend to get doubles discount on Moosejaw or something, then my climbing partner and good friend who's moving to Asia with a new job "gave" me his rack (he graduated from law school and is working 60+ hours, plus he's healing from Achilles surgery so he's not climbing for a while), so I figured I could sell these for the holidays. I put 'em up on my side locally on a forum I'm part of, and then somebody suggested Cascade Climbers too, which I've used before when I was out there to climb Baker last year but hadn't registered a profile yet.
  14. Up for sale are brand new and unused Black Diamond C4 cams, new & unused, with original tags. Sizes: # 4 (gray), # 3 (blue), # 2 (yellow), # 1 (red), #.75 (green), #.5 (purple), #.4 (gray), #.3 (blue), one of each. We bought some new ones, then a friend gave us some near-new ones, so we're selling the new ones. Contact me to buy one, some, and/or all. Happy holidays & safe climbing. jaspanag @ yahoo . com Photos: C4 # 4: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-yjp_UUl9yI0/TssMfrZgclI/AAAAAAAACIk/6ytHZ8CKj90/s512/DSCN6143.JPG C4 # 3: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-1cHiuqhd1pE/TssMfMLfuYI/AAAAAAAACIg/QBE2dKJk0Qw/s512/DSCN6144.JPG C4 # 2: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-sdm3pWwvXOA/TssMfsnC6RI/AAAAAAAACIw/Bo1NFgATbyY/s512/DSCN6148.JPG C4 # 1: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-e6hiYW3nX2Y/TssNKgsyfXI/AAAAAAAACI4/kDuM9LTA8k4/s512/DSCN6149.JPG C4 #.75: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-7cbqejwtRvo/TssNLpx-bVI/AAAAAAAACJA/bXJwSEa1GRg/s512/DSCN6153.JPG C4 # .5: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-T35rxilKh-I/TssNNRYQfKI/AAAAAAAACJI/65ZzAvIYdgE/s512/DSCN6154.JPG C4 # .4: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-AJtyUePNYMc/TssOGwPOL2I/AAAAAAAACJQ/CgeG7LHwkNI/s512/DSCN6158.JPG C4 # .3: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-hE3obkH-SWs/TssOHgwxOhI/AAAAAAAACJY/1uN0NyOXXdk/s512/DSCN6159.JPG