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  1. FWIW, I just grabbed one from Moosejaw for a pretty good discount if you want to buy new. If not, there is a good one in the yard sale! http://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/product_Arcteryx-Men-s-Alpha-SL-Jacket_10042713_10208_10000001_-1_
  2. How soon would you need em? I'm still on the fence as to whether I will keep mine. If I don't, they're yours. I just need to get a few more hikes in w and w/o them to see which I prefer.
  3. BTW, the Lyngen is 20% off right now at backcountry.com if anyone is toying with pulling the trigger.
  4. There was a guy on 14ers.com that did some experiments on this and basically found that you can't add enough salt/alcohol/mix/anything else to lower the freezing point and still be enjoyable. I'll see if I can dig it up tonight.
  5. Just like any sanctioned fight, the weight will be the same. It's up to the fighters to determine what "skills" will be in attendance. Baffling is legal. Any stitching is legal. The only requirements are that Dane is primaloft, and Tvash is down; AND the fill weights are the same.
  6. IIRC there is a guy over on the summitpost forums that is looking for a big down puffy in medium. Just a heads up!
  7. Clearly, the only way to solve this is a pillow fight. Dane gets a synthetic pillow. Tvashtarkatena gets a down pillow. May the best man win. It's the only way!
  8. Thank ya sir! Not sure on a route just yet, I had originally planned on a May ascent with a friend, but he backed out on me. So now I'm looking at a July-ish ascent. Maybe Emmons? Dunno for sure. Re: weights, as I said, I don't necessarily trust the manufacturers weights, and weighing smalls doesn't seem honest, but believable with how a lot of companies do things... I'd agree that weight shouldn't be THAT far off, but of course XL's are going to weigh more. (they just shouldn't be that much more)
  9. While I agree with your point that the manufacturers might be a little less than truthful about their weights, I don't think weighing XL's is fair to them either. On another note, not doing guided DC climb either.
  10. The copy from Norrona reads that most of their stuff is truly 800, but in the interest of under promising and over delivering, they market it as 750. I had a Fission SL for a bit that was too small for me and wasn't really impressed with its packability. Western Mountaineering was appealing, but their hoods didn't impress me too much and I didn't like their color selection. I prefer bright colors for outer shells/layers. Just in case. I'll definitely check out Pro Mountain Sports.
  11. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a Norrona Lyngen. Should have it on Tuesday, hoping I like it as much as the reviews praise it! Tvash - That's pretty similar to what I wore on Hood and what I wear on 14ers in CO during the winter. I did use shell pants on Hood and didn't get any 'steam room' effect. I also have a pair of lightly insulated Marmot ski pants that I wear when it's really cold instead of my OR softshell pants. Thanks again for the conversation, I like seeing the different thought processes and opinions.
  12. I have an Atom LT hoody already that I love. Very nice and versatile jacket!
  13. I have a similar thread going in the gear review section that should give some info. A lot of the guys who are in the PNW like synthetic fills since it can be so wet. Layering is also the preferred method by a few folks. I'm sure others will chime in soon, but check out that other thread, it might give a little insight for you.
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