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  1. jayashree, just sent you a pm.
  2. My first choice is to do some crack climbing on Sunday, preferably at Index, if the weather cooperates. I lead in the 5.10a/b range on gear. Let me know if you're interested. megerhart at gmail.com Thanks!
  3. I'm looking for an indoor climbing partner for VW in Seattle. I'm hoping to find someone who is safe, reliable, and interested in training. Indoors, I lead 5.10s, and occasionally venture into 5.11a/b territory. Happy to climb with folks climbing harder or easier routes, so long as you are lead-belay certified and safe! Thanks!
  4. Aside from two upcoming trips to Red Rocks, I don't plan on climbing on real rock much over the winter. Sigh. So I'm looking to expand the number of my indoor climbing partners. I climb at the Ballard Vertical World, which, hopefully, will be moving over to the new, expanded location sometime soon. (Did I mention that I'm looking forward to the new gym?) I can climb most evenings after 7 p.m.. I'm happy to climb with folks of any level, provided you're safe (meaning that you don't tie in with an overhand knot, belay off of the belt loops on your jeans, etc.). I've been climbing for about four years. For the record, right now, I'm climbing in the 5.10s on TR. I climb a little lower on lead. Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for a partner for this weekend -- hoping to get some more non-plastic climbing in before the snows start in earnest. I'm hoping to leave Saturday morning and head back on Sunday night. Possible destinations include Leavenworth (my first choice) or Vantage. I'm more of a trad-ie, but I'm not opposed to climbing some sport as well. Lately, I've been leading 5.8 and 5.9 trad at Leavenworth. Of course, I can follow a lot harder. I'm pretty self-sufficient, equipment-wise: I have a rack, rope, car, etc. Just need a partner . . .
  6. Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I found a partner for the weekend. Matt (BTW, has anyone had problems deleting a post? I tried to delete the post after I found a partner, but this system wouldn't let me.)
  7. I'm looking for a partner to climb trad with at Washington Pass or Leavenworth this Saturday, the 24th and Sunday the 25th. I'm comfortable leading trad up to 5.9, and can efficiently follow an easier 5.11, (i.e., the West Face of North Early Winter Spires, which I climbed a few weekends ago), if you'd like to climb harder routes. I have all the usual necessities, including a rack, rope, car, etc.. Assuming that the weather holds, I'd really like to get outside this weekend, before the rains start in earnest! You can reach me at: megerhart@gmail.com Matt
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