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  1. I'm looking to climb Mt St Helens (possibly Adams) in late May or early June. I no longer live in the NW so I'm not sure what the snow pack has been like. Is the snow pack pretty much the same as last year or is there less/more? Also, recent weather conditions (surprisingly warm for Apr and May) makes me wonder if I'll be able to take the "monitor ridge" route. Any input you can provide would be great.
  2. Glissade down Mt Adams?

    I'm looking to climb Mt Adams this weekend. Has anyone been up there recently (last week or so) ? Is there still enough snow to glissade down from false summit to lunch counter? Do you need crampons to go up to the summit or is there enough rock exposed? Any add'l input would be great.
  3. I need at least 3 permits on one of these Saturdays Sept 1, 8, or 15. Email me at mournin4ak@yahoo.com or reply to this posting if you have permits.
  4. Just curious if anyone has been to Mt Adams since 8/17. Any input would be great.
  5. Any recent reports for Mt Adams?

    Ben - I saw your post earlier but how was the trip down the South Side? Enough snow to glissade or did you have to walk down?
  6. Glissade down Mt Adams?

    WillS, do you thinkn it's doable w/o crampons? The overnight low looks to be mid 40s this weekend above 10k altitude.
  7. Glissade down South Sister?

    I'm looking at climbing South Sister soon. Never been there before. I really like the option of glissading down vs hiking down. Is this possible on South Sister at this time? Has anyone been there recently?
  8. Glissade down South Sister?

    Inplainview - do you live near the SOuth SIster or have you been there recently?
  9. Rope Up or Solo?

    What's safer, to rope up with climbers in your group or not? I've heard/read of instances where a group of roped climbers get pulled down a mountain because one person fell. I'm sure there are instances of a "fallen" climber saved because he/she is tied to other climbers. I would really like to hear from experienced climbers who can talk from real life instances.
  10. Adams .....ready?

    I'm looking to climb Adams at the end of June. Probably a one day hike. I did this climb last year but in mid-July. Any thoughts on doing the hike at the end of June vs end of July? When do the crowds pick up?
  11. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 7/4/2012

    Be curious to find out how the couloir is when the snow is a bit slushy. If anyone has gone up in these temps before or have gone up recently to Hood, I'd love to know.
  12. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 7/4/2012

    I'm noticing the freezing point is well above 11k altitude for this weekend. Does that mean the snow will be slushy near hogsback/summit? Or will it still be firm? If it's slushy, will there be concerns of rockfall? Looks like there's ample amount of snow. Love to climb Hood but not sure how to handle the higher temps.
  13. Trip: Mt St Helens - Worm Flows Date: 6/11/2012 Trip Report: Got to marble mt snow park at 645am on June 11 Mon, geared up and left at 700am. It was clear and gorgeous morning. I got hot quickly and only had a polyester long sleeve shirt and pants. Snow was a bit soft but still firm. As I kept climbing, the snow seemed to stay about the same (soft but firm). I only used trail running shoes (with aggressive tread) to about 3/4 up. At that time, feet were wet and getting cold, so I put on my mountaineering boots (no crampons) and continued up. Snow was a softer (a bit slushy) and had to kick in at times to get a good footing. Made it to the top at 1215pm. Gorgeous views! First time up to the top and loved it. Glissaded down as much as possible. Got back to car at 145pm. Overall, great trip, would love to do it in early spring-late winter. Could have gone with T-shirt, shorts, and boots. Here are pics of the trip if needed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cascadefever/ If you have any questions, let me know.
  14. I need at least one MSH permit for May 26th.
  15. Corrie, do you still have 2 permits left?
  16. Mt St Helens in winter

    I'm thinking of climbing Mt St Helens by the end of March. Are snowshoes or skis a must? If boots are ok, are crampons a must? Just trying to get a feel for the terrain and ascent. If snow shoes are used, how long does it take round trip? If you have camped out mid-way, what's a good location? -Any other tidbits of info would be great.
  17. [TR] MSH Feb. 4 2012 - winter climbing route 2/5/2012

    Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it!! Sounds like the snow / ice was fairly firm so not sure if snowshoes would be beneficial vs boots / crampons. Thoughts?
  18. [TR] MSH Feb. 4 2012 - winter climbing route 2/5/2012

    Thanks for the report. I've been thinking of doing this climb this winter so I was stoked to see someone had done it recently. Just a few questions... 1. Did you use snowshoes? If so, were you able to use them to get to the top or did you need crampons? 2. At what time did you leave the Marble snow park? Reach summit? And return? 3. What were the terrain conditions like from the park to 1000 feet from summit? 4. Did you run into many folks? I know... lots of questions. But this info would really help me out.
  19. Too late for Hood?

    Got this 'itch' to climb Mt Hood again this year. I went late June but not sure if now would be ok. I would leave at night and get to top around 6a. Not sure if everything would be frozen or if rock/ice would be breaking off. Thoughts?
  20. Too late for Hood?

    Got this 'itch' to climb Mt Hood again this year. I went late June but not sure if now would be ok. I would leave at night and get to top around 6a. Not sure if everything would be frozen or if rock/ice would be breaking off. Thoughts?
  21. Too late for Hood?

    Iceaxe - what time did you get to hogsback? summit? Was there traffic?
  22. Getting into the sport - gear? training?

    I've climbed Mt. Hood and Adams this year and have really enjoyed those trips. I want to get into the (snow) mountaineering sport - honestly, I would love to get into some steep technical climbing on glaciers. What's the best way to get gear but at a lower cost? Is buying used ok? I've seen some organizations offer minor classes like 'crevasse rescue' which are cheaper than the extended course like 'basic mountaineering' which can cost $300. Has anyone taken these short/minor classes? Do they offer enough knowledge/experience to feel comfortable on the mountain?
  23. water on Adams?

    How long do you plan on being up on Adams? I hiked it back in July in one day. Started off at 630a and got back to car at 5p. The day was clear, beautiful, but warm. I went through 6 bottles of water (Nestle brand size) and could have used more. My suggestion is to take more than needed if there's not safe water up there. That... I don't know but it would be a huge benefit if there was.
  24. Mt. Adams 7-23 South Side

    It was a gorgeous day. Blue and sunny skies. I started off at 630am from the Cold Spring campground and started off (I used trail running shoes). The snow was firm at that time. Temp not sure - but I was wearing running pants and t-shirt. By the time I got to the base of false summit (around 930am) the snow was softer but no problems using trail shoes. From base of false summit to the true summit, I used crampons. The snow was really soft, probably could have used trail shoes, but crampons provided sure traction. Only a little wind until I got to the top of false summit - wind picked up like crazy and I layered up. The true summit was awesome. I headed down and the snow was perfect for glissading (got to false summit at 230p). That... saved me so much time and it was a blast. Let me know if you have any questions about the climb or the conditions.
  25. Rainier vs Adams vs Hood

    How would you compare Rainier in technical difficulty, risk, and conditioning to Adams and Hood? In other words, is Rainier in a different "league" or level than the other mtns?