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  1. Hey folks! I’m looking for a scaled metal edged backcountry ski! Preferably around 180 in length. Let me know what you got! voile objective? Hyper vector? Madshus annum?
  2. Can anyone tell me about this and what it may be worth? Thanks!! -Nico pictures on this post: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/chouinard-hammerpick-ice-tool/107293635
  3. wtb: Mountaineering Gear

    Hey folks I am searching for an affordable down parka size medium. On top of that stuff I need a pair of size 10.5 or 11 mountaineering boots, some knee high gatiors, expedition mits, even some guide pants size 33 or 34 oo and if you have an affordable pair of goggles size large let me know if anyone has a climbing harness that would fit a 33 to 34 size waist and you believe it is safe to sell it to someone, it would be awesome if you sent me a pm. This stuff is needed for a benefit climb to get city kids outdoors so your generosity would really go a long way! Summitforsomeone.org is where you can read up on it my name is nico brilmyer. Thanks!!
  4. wtb: Mountaineering Gear

    thanks tony! but i need the hood =( all other posts responded too via pm still gear hunting!
  5. wtb: Mountaineering Gear

    bump reallllly neeed a parka!!