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  1. Available maps for Chugach AK.

    Hi there, Not only new to this forum but new to the North West (kind of :-) I am traveling to Alaska this weekend for another two week stay with friends in Girdwood. I plan to do as much climbing/mountaineering in the area as possible during my stay. I have done some stuff in the Crow Pass area during my last summer visit but hope to do quite a bit more this time. My question relates to mapping. I already own the 'Anchorage & Vicinity - Road and Recreation Map' published by Todd Communications. This map works to a scale of 1" = 1mile. My question is, are there better, more detailed maps available for this area? Here in the UK we use Ordinance Survey maps that are scaled as 1:25,000 and are very detailed. I'm hoping I can get hold of something similar for the Chugach Range around Girdwood. Kindest Regards, Matt Caerphilly, Wales, UK.