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  1. Ptarmigan Traverse conditions?

    Thanks much Eben!
  2. Ptarmigan Traverse conditions?

    Thanks much Dave56! No shortage of snow there..... The shot of what must be the Mix-up traverse certainly looks mighty steep. If you return from your recce before 13 July, I'd be extremely keen to hear from you.
  3. Has anyone done the Ptarmigan Traverse this year? I am planning to do it ten days from now, without skis. Would be grateful for any beta/condition report.
  4. Transport to/from Ptarmigan Traverse trailheads

    Thanks much Dan! Yup, I had read about the 9 mile slog.... That wouldn't stop us... It is just a painful thought to rent an extra car just to leave it standing idle for a week... Though we might end up doing just that.
  5. Hi everyone, I am planning to do the Ptarmigan Traverse this summer (mid July)with a friend. We'll be coming over from Europe and the East Coast and, hence, will need to rent a car. As we would like to avoid having to rent two cars (one to leave at the Southern trailhead (Downey Creek) and the other at the Northern (Cascades Pass), I wonder whether you'd have any advice on agencies/people out there who might either pick us up at, or deliver us from, Downey Creek to Cascade Pass. Any advice would be most appreciated!! Cheers, Girevi